Thanks to Our Community Pillars

What would Tyler, Texas look like without a strong nonprofit community?

21 Nov 2014


If you have spent anytime driving around Tyler and the Smith County area, you have noticed that we live in really nice, clean, and safe communities. We might have a lot of TexMex restaurants and a bank on every corner, but it’s a great place to work and live! Despite the fact that East Texas as a region is home to some of the most under privileged counties and slowest local economies in our great state of Texas, Smith County is a city on a hill and a shining example for our region.

We have great businesses and community leaders. But…We also have an incredible network of local nonprofits that most people are not aware of.

Our local United Way helps fund a network of local nonprofits that impact 1 out of every 3 people in Smith County! That’s over 60,000 residents… And when we say “helping” we are not talking about just passing out a hot dog during community events…We are referring to the hundreds of illiterate adults who decided to get their GED and support their family, the working parents who relied on after school care for their kids to have a safe place to spend an afternoon, the Senior adult who desperately needed home repairs to get through the cold winter, and so many countless others!

Without the dozens of nonprofits and hundreds of local programs that are making a huge difference, Tyler would look like a much different community.

United Way of Smith County believes that local needs are interconnected and that influencing the condition of one neighbor in need can have a positive effect on us all. It’s no different from a local economy…Every small business that closes ultimately affects the prosperity of everyone in that community.

If you want to make a gift or spend your volunteer hours addressing the underlying causes of poverty in our community, consider partnering with your local United Way. Every dollar given stays local and helps the community as a whole.


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