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John is "one of 60,000"

13 Feb 2015


John is "one of 60,000" people served through local United Way funded programs each year! 

John's Story

After a brain tumor left him visually impaired at age 5, John Geter has used his disability as a challenge. "There are a lot of people who feel like just because you have a disability that you're counted out," he said. "I look at it as getting up every day with a challenge...You've got to fight that much harder every day."

Geter, 29, of Tyler, has had two books of poetry published and is working on a third, owned a small vending machine business and hopes to become a recorded Gospel singer. Geter started to venture out on his own and heard about Goodwill's job training program, which he graduated from in December.

The program helped him interact with people, as well as become a mentor to others. Geter was a Goodwill employee while he went through their training program, where he worked with a job coach. He worked 25 hours a week and at the end of the program, Walmart decided to hire him as an employee and he is now working on a management in training program. "If I get the job, maybe it will tell other people they can get off the couch and not just wait to get a check," Geter said.

"God is the one who let me stay here through it all. There are not enough songs I can sing ... that can ever repay Him for what I've been through. All the glory goes to Him."

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